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Sunday, April 27, 2014


How long did it last? I have never had one either - always wondered...

I think it was about 45 minutes of mimosas, awesomeness, and KuwtK. I think generally about 30-45 min depending on hair length and style.

And how long did the bouncy glam last? The pampered feeling, forever...

KC, you are wonderful and funny. Your style and fashion sense are truly on a different (Escher) plane than mine, and yet I feel close to you in other, uh, more scholarly ways. Having said that, I can definitely get into a KUWTK episode on a regular. Enjoy!

Very interesting (she says while googling for a similar type of miracle worker to prep me for a talk in Phoenix).

No judgments on entertainment while in a salon. As long as it's not an assault on the senses like Jerry Springer, I'll zone out to anything.

I had a blowout once last summer with my sister before my 40th birthday party. I had never heard of one she set it up and took me. I was too scared to wind down with a drink with the upcoming party - I didn't want to be sleepy - but man that blowout was fun and my hair looked and felt fabulous! I'll have to look into a good excuse to have one again.

You should totally post a photo!

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