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Friday, July 26, 2013


Wow, for the first time ever, I want to get one of those recorded voices. I want to hear your voice telling me to press 1! Just tell me what soul-sucking corporation I need to call.

I am also terribly amused by your choice adaptations of those phrases to your family life. You rock!

Also, would it sound creepily stalkerish if I told you I now have a desire to analyze your prosody? (In a totally platonic way.) The speech scientist in me wonders what it is in your speech that is appealing. Do you, for example, have a big pitch range? Do you have nice unambiguous pitch contours and duration manipulations to make it clear when you are indicating a prominence or boundary? Might you have a mellow-sounding breathy voice quality? (Breathy voice is actually a technical term, and not just something used to describe crank phone callers. Also, breathiness is considered an appealing quality in female voices in several cultures.) Inquiring phoneticians want to know.

alejna- no soul-sucking corporation, thankfully. It's for a research project for good-hearted people on a budget (hence my willingness to participate).

Ooh, will you analyze my prosody? No one ever has. Maybe I can include your analysis in my email signature line. "Breathy, with nice unambiguous pitch contours: Call me and see!"

The focus group comments about my voice were "soothing," "calm," and "Man, she be REAL."

Wow! Awesome! Post a snippet when it is completed.

I'm sorry, the password you have entered in incorrect.

Did you have to say each number as well? How fun!

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