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Thursday, May 09, 2013


Be careful! I ran on the beach while at a conference two weeks ago, and am just now back into WALKING and yoga after back/hip injury that required three trips to chiropractor. I am still having persistent left leg paresthesias from my lateral femoral cutaneous being pinched somewhere. This was my worst injury ever, and scared me so bad that I am NEVER running again. Biking, hiking, swimming, ok. Running NOT. My body isn't built for it either - I have been told that before. Check out the 7 minute workout that was in NYTimes yesterday - I did that last night after a 30 minute walk and wow!

Giz- yikes. Now I'm on high alert and will not feel the least bad about walking most of it (you know, to accompany the 5 year old). I'm glad you are feeling better though! And will check out the workout! Any workout that is described by 'wow' must be a winner.

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