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Monday, March 25, 2013


Ha! Good for you!

I love reading your words here again.

After the long dark days of residency and mothering babies, I have loved getting back into activities with my children I imagined I would never do again. Ice skating, roller skating, swimming, and on Spring Break last week- cross country skiing and snowshoeing! I do notice that many of the moms and dads stick to the sidelines at the ice and roller parties. I'm with you. I'm sure I look silly and awkward and unbalanced, but I have moments of grace, especially when the Jackson 5 blares overhead - ah memories! Keep skating!

alejna - thanks. :)

Giz - Next time you're up in DC, we'll have to go together with all of our families. There's a great indoor rink nearby that we've already hit...

We just went to the ice rink last week with my 9yr old daughter and a few of her little friends. It is quite the challenge to stay balanced while holding the hand of an unbalanced child! I too, enjoyed the short moments of unencumbered skating, taking me back to the carefree life of high school... lol

jocelyn- what a similar experience! Yes, transported me back to roller skating rinks in middle school. (yes, it was NJ, OK?)

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