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Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Oh, you've got your work cut out for you this year! I can't believe his almost 5 already. Happy Holiday to you and that adorable/awesome family, K.C.!

I'm pretty sure that magical stuffed animals can be invisble. It's part of the magic, you know.

Are you asking for our suggestions for your christmas wish list? If you are to ask me, I would go for books. Books can be shared once one finishes reading and its a lifetime investment.

Any individual currently the happy proprietor of POC Receptor BUG, Spider Man Beats Cheap Receptor , Receptor Backcountry or Receptor Professional design helmets can purchase the padded Conversation Neckroll individually , which attaches for the aforementioned helmets via 4 press studs.

I laughed out loud and shook my friends's sleeping cat off my belly. :)

My 6-year-old's list? "I don't need a list. SANTA KNOWS EVERYTHING." Crap.

Heather- thanks! Hope you had a great one with your men. :)

alejna- With some invisible pixie dust sprinkled on top...

Alisa- Oh, that's tricky. Maybe play off that next year with "Santa may be getting some mild dementia so might be good to send something to the North Pole in writing." After weeks of mentioning that Santa can't bring him stuff that doesn't exist...Santa turned "pixie" to "picks" as in guitar picks...and brought Boy a child-sized guitar. Oh the joy! :)

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