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Thursday, January 27, 2011


I cannot get past that b*tch at the gas station. How do you do that to a hugely pregnant woman trying to put gas in her minivan in a blizzard?

You are being tested and will be rewarded!

Ugh. That is probably the suckiest, most harrowing commute I've ever heard of. I'm glad that, at least, you and your belly didn't get stranded. (And I'm royally pissed at the woman at the gas station, too. She probably has no friends.)

I swear that this snowstorm brought out the absolute worst in everyone--it was Lord of the Flies out there from what I experienced too. As for the snow, I'm making my husband follow up on a quasi-job offer in Chapel Hill, NC. Between the snow and PEPCO, I am so over winter and MoCo. Screw you, Jack Frost.

Can you imagine if your kids had been in the car with you? Thank God for small favors, right?

Your story is so horrible. I would have FREAKED out. Glad you made it home safe.

AGH!! That sounds horrible. When we evacuated for Hurricane Rita, we traveled a distance that usually took 3-4 hours in the span of 24 hours. With kids. It was awful, so I can relate a bit to this tale.

My dad is having the same problem (well, not being pregnant and not peeing for 4 hours) but snow in Chicago right now. Of course, he's the idiot that goes to work in the middle of the vortex of a blizzard. I hope Phil was right and Spring comes early- don't you?

Wow what a story, a horror story or sorts, plus RWD?! Anyway, your baby-on-the-way has one strong momma. Be warm and safe.

Well just remember this... In times where there are distress and there will be times like this as long as there are natural diasters. However please next time if you are caught in the snow, rain, ect, where ever you are Fill Up First honey as soon as the weather warning is issed and before the gas prices "sky rocket" because it could have lead to a more serious problem such as stations being closed to the severe weather conditions

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