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Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I'm very impressed! Also very tired now just from reading about that much effort and heat. I think I need a little nap.

Oh my god. The man is crazy. An Ironman as his first tri? I can't even imagine one if I worked my way up to it!

Nice work, Husband! I will now live vicariously through your success as I sit on the couch with my broken foot propped up.

So impressive! I'm about 4 weeks away from my second marathon, and I can't imagine doing it as the third in a series of any athletic activity. I only have so much energy in me.

Congrats to him! (And good for you for going out to cheer! That makes all the difference.)

WOW. That is very impressive!

Wow! (I did the elliptical for *40* minutes yesterday...)

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