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Monday, May 17, 2010


Ack! I totally get it. I think it's normal.

Now I am curious. How bad can a belly button look? Post a photo! with the new navel ring!

I think that women tend to give so much of themselves away to others--family, children, work, charity, etc.--that whatever it is we can give back to ourselves--be it a navel ring, impractical but beautiful shoes, a trashy novel--is a good thing. To each their own.

I've missed you!
And oh, do I get it. I don't think it's problematic at all.... it's not like you're considering going all Heidi Montag. I totally agree with Introvertster-- it's the little gifts/boosts we give to ourselves that help make us more able to give to others.

I am sure that you totally rock the navel ring. And I get how something underneath can change the way you feel about yourself outwardly. You go girl!

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