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Saturday, July 18, 2009


Aw. Everyone loves a happy Beast! ending. Cheers to not taking those dependent little creatures for granted! My little kitty Zola has been my rock for 15 years and counting. I've been thinking lately about how lame it is that her golden years have to be spent being tormented by the Maniac that is E-boy.

Awwww! That is sweet. Glad he came home safely.

I'm so happy Beast is okay! They remember they're our babies even when we forget.

I may be late in the game, but is he neutered?

I know sometimes I have to leave the house when I get "urges", and go off to find a mate.


Phil- he's neutered, so I'm not suspecting needing to hook up with some random lady cat a factor.

I'm glad that Beast returned home safely!

Hooray! Maybe he just needed to sew his wild oats?

Oh, well I guess not (should've read other comments!)

Perhaps the cat is a drug addict.

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