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Friday, April 24, 2009


this just made my heart quiver

You aren't the only one doing thinking about their blog. I love the versions and I hope J does too, eventually.

Agreed! The loooong lapse on my own blog is making me rethink the process of my own reboot. (Coming soon!)

Glad you're not leaving. I blog about my boy anonymously, and recently locked it down with password protection. Hopefully I won't humiliate him terribly. :) But I've used the stories from the blog as excerpts in an annual iPhoto book, recapping things he did and funny things he said. I fully suspect that he'll be mortified and largely hate these annual Boy in Review books, right up until he has kids of his own. I wonder how much of this is me wanting to document how cool he's been, and how much of it is creating a reference tool for him. My mother died before he was born and I would have given life and limb to have a better idea of what I did and when, and how similar or different he is compared to me.

I love your versions. And I think she will too. What a great idea to make a book out of them.

flutter- xo

qt- you too? Something's in the water. It's good, I think, re-evaluation.

middento- looking forward to seeing your reboot.

ali- awesome. I bet he will love them. One day. Yes, maybe wait until he has kids of his own. Grandkids would totally dig it. I would have loved something like that, which is why I'm hoping the girl will too someday.

stimey- thanks! I hope it turns out okay. I spent so many hours on it. Hence, my neglect of the entire blog world.

That is PERFECT! I love it. Can you go back in time and give me this idea 3 years ago? LOL.

She will love it. Absolutely.

I am currently working on creating the big book 'o posts from my own (hiding) blog. It is going to chill up on the highest shelf of my closet until my kids have children of their own. I think that is the exact right time to read what I have written. They need that parent's perspective to truly appreciate my words, I think.

So is this the part where you start chewing your way out of the cocoon? I hope that gunky stuff it's made out of doesn't get stuck in your teeth.

I love it that you've made the version updates into a book.

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