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Friday, June 06, 2008


the 4th photo is my favorite - he's SO ready for anything. don't mess with JL.

not to mention, that he's divinely delicious.

seriously friend, you make such gorgeous babies. xo

His smile is precious. I can already see him filing away prankster tricks in his brain.

OMG your baby is the cutest kid in the universe. I love him in the English fancy lad outfit busting his Bruce Lee move.

You trying to kill us with these photos? Seriously, KC, he is absolutely gorgeous!

Kung Fu Baby Sheik JL is going to totally kick yer ASS.

nothing like good old fashioned BIG babies. at least yours has hair. and is a sheik. and prize-fighter.

Boy is he ever a cutie. Those pictures are great.

Oh - and I had to stop using the infant carrier when my kiddo was 3 months as he outweighed it. Yes, you read that right. He outweighed it at 3 months.

Now at 10 months he's a cool 30 lbs.

Um, okay I'm sold. Where can I order one??

The smirk at the end. It kills me.

Aren't you furious that you would have even an ounce of fat on you after lugging two kids around all day? I know I am.

Ahh...so precious. How do you keep from biting those cheeks?

He's such a buster!!!

baby lust alert!

he's delicious.

and jack was 28 pounds at a year.

we called him buddha.

ps happy sixth anniversary to a BEAUTIFUL couple, who makes BEAUTIFUL children.

I love the picture updates! You are all gorgeous and that baby makes me want to kiss his cheeks.

LOVE the smile!!



Gawd I love these posts!

Everybody was kung fu fighting...

Omigod, do we have the same baby?? (With the exception of the Kung Foo Fighting - but that's way cool..)

Hi KC!! It's been so long! Sorry I haven't visited in a while! Can I pinch JL's cheeks? He's so big now!! Hope all is well!!

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